strength [streŋkth, streŋth; ] often [ strenth]
[ME strengthe < OE strengthu < * strang-ithu: see STRONG & -TH1]
1. the state or quality of being strong; force; power; vigor
2. the power to resist strain, stress, etc.; toughness; durability
3. the power to resist attack; impregnability
4. legal, moral, or intellectual force or effectiveness
a) capacity for producing a reaction or effect
b) potency or concentration, as of drugs, liquors, etc.
c) great effectiveness or high potency
6. intensity, as of sound, color, odor, etc.
7. force as measured in numbers [a battalion at full strength]
8. vigor or force of feeling or expression
9. a source of strength or support
10. a tendency to rise or remain firm in prices
from strength to strength
from one accomplishment or peak to another, often in an increasing progression
on the strength of
based or relying on
SYN.- STRENGTH refers to the inherent capacity to act upon or affect something, to endure, to resist, etc. [the strength to lift something, tensile strength]; POWER, somewhat more general, applies to the ability, latent or exerted, physical or mental, to do something [the power of the press, of a machine, etc. ]; FORCE usually suggests the actual exertion of power, esp. in producing motion or overcoming opposition [the force of gravity ]; MIGHT suggests great or overwhelming strength or power [with all one's might]; ENERGY specifically implies latent power for doing work or affecting something [the energy in an atom ]; POTENCY refers to the inherent capacity or power to accomplish something [the potency of a drug ] -ANT. WEAKNESS, IMPOTENCE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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